Sophia, a 20-year-old volunteer, has been mobilizing volunteers and donors to set up a monthly marauding program since March 2021.
Each month, 60 meals are distributed to people in very precarious situations.


In 2019, during the international cooperation project with Tivaouane Peulh in Senegal, Amel and Chaima met with the group of women from the village of Samkedji. 
They explained to them their market gardening project, and a need to rehabilitate a field to launch this activity. 
The 2020/2021 cooperation project was born. 
In 2021, the project for Samkdji is being finalized, and a group of young people will leave to implement this project in collaboration with the women's group of Samkedji and the cultural sports association of Samkedji in Senegal.
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In 2020, Evasion carried a project around the theme of equality between women and men. 
In 2021, this project was transformed into a collaborative project with Germany, around domestic violence, which took place in March 2021.
With the IB team of Dresden, we are working on a new project around the theme of gender equality which will take place in June 2021.