Cooperation: the heart of our association's project

Evasion carries projects and mobilizes partners around them so that they take shape. 
The synergy of means and skills is the essence of any project carried by Evasion. 

Evasion naturally carries the international cooperation projects for which the association has been solicited. 
Since 2014, Evasion accompanies cooperation projects with Algerian and Senegalese structures. 

Real projects of exchange of knowledge and practices, these actions allowed young people to meet and imagine together, how to elaborate a useful project, having sense, and allowing the improvement of the life of the city. 

In 2014, Evasion and Bariq21 set up a project around sustainable development, with awareness time thanks to a day without car and animations around sustainable development and ecology. 

Since 2015, projects have taken place with different Senegalese partners around the construction of wells, the rehabilitation of a health center, a market gardening project, or the rehabilitation of a classroom. 

Image de E. Diop