Road safety, parenting support, gender equality


Les ambassadeurs de la sécurité routière

The Road Safety Ambassadors

Evasion is an association identified as an actor around road safety in the Lille metropolis and the Douaisis area. 
Particularly active with young people and mainly with secondary schools, Evasion proposes inclusive projects; indeed, we propose to train young ambassadors of road safety, so that they make their peers aware of the issues related to road safety and citizenship. 
In collaboration with the prefecture of Lille, the sub-prefecture of Douai and with all the schools involved in these projects, we carry out the following actions 
Road safety ambassadors, red card: The road safety ambassadors are young secondary school students, often in a situation of dropping out of school or in academic difficulty. 
This action allows them to be mobilized on a project that will enhance their academic career.
These young people (between 90 and 150 ambassadors trained each year since 2013), from different establishments (between 10 and 15 establishments each year), are trained in road safety prevention and educational tools (games, two-wheeler simulators, alcohol glasses, two-wheeler driving course, debate on the subject concerned, etc.). 
These trainings are provided by our partner DMDS and the National Police. 
The ambassadors take part in the "Operation Red Card", which has taken place every year since 2013. This action consists in distributing red or green cards, depending on the behavior of road users: cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, motorcyclists ... all are concerned. 
The ambassadors "report" the users in front of their respective establishments, then they meet on the Place de la République in Lille, where they act in the same way for one hour. They end this action by being received at the prefecture of Lille, where they receive a diploma of road safety ambassador and share a drink with all the collaborators mobilized around this project. 
During these actions, the National Police and the Municipal Police of the concerned municipalities (Lille, Villeneuve d'Ascq, Roubaix, Douai...) are present, in order to secure and advise the ambassadors in their prevention mission. 

The road safety week
The road safety ambassadors propose, during one week, actions of awareness to road safety to the 5th of their establishment. Thus, they animate the different workshops, and participate actively in mobilizing the students around the theme. 

Street prevention : 
In 2021, Evasion wishes to propose a monthly action around road safety, in the different districts of Roubaix and Tourcoing. 
Proposed as an animation, free of charge and accessible to all, this action is intended to raise awareness among young people and families, about road safety issues, and to participate in the awareness of the dangers caused by inappropriate behaviors on the road. 
The pandemic has for the moment prevented any action in this sense, but we hope to be able to implement this project in June 2021. 

Interventions "à la carte": 

The Evasion association can propose actions concerning road safety, according to the needs of each one. Also actions take place in social centers, leisure centers or other associations. 


Evasion carries out projects around parenthood.
Evasion has proposed discussion groups around themes such as "How to impose limits on my child? "The place of the father in the education of the child", or "Orientation, how does it work? "led by a coach and a psychotherapist. 
Evasion has worked with partner structures to set up "inter-groups of words", which have debated around the proposed themes, in order to work on solutions and exchanges between parents, in a benevolent way. 
Subsidized by the REAAP (CAF), this project is suspended for the moment. 


In 2021 Evasion is carrying out new projects around the themes of gender equality and the prevention of delinquency among young people. 

A project to raise awareness on the issue of domestic violence has been created, and has even been internationalized with a Franco-German project on this subject. 
A first part took place in March 2021, the pandemic having forced the digitalization of the action. 
The month of June will allow a group of Germans to come to Lille to work on issues related to the relationship between men and women and to work with the French on common pedagogical materials around these issues. 

A project on the prevention of delinquency is currently being developed.